Bwin Casino

When one hears the name ‘Bwin’, one does not automatically think of the online bookmaker. That is not very strange, because Bwin is one of the largest online bookmakers that exist. However, this is not the only thing that Bwin provides for people who seek entertainment on the internet. One of the features of the company is the online casino where people can win great prizes. This online casino is very much a casino where a high standard of quality is maintained. The casino takes everything that players want in an online casino into account as has designed the online casino accordingly. An example: there are two types of players. There are the players who want to play a game in between breaks, and there are people who want to spend an evening in the casino. The first type does not want to take a lot of hurdles when playing a game, which often is a free game. The second type does not mind putting in some extra effort and wants to play for money. That is why the Bwin Casino offers two types of game playing: instant and downloaded play. The first type of games offers Flash-based games, which can be played quickly. The second type requires that players download and install software, which offers a more stable connection to the casino.

So what games can be played at the Bwin Casino? There are several types of games. There are the table games, there are card games, there are 3 reel slots, there are 5 reel slots  and there is video poker. The table games offer the games of Roulette and Craps. Roulette can be played in two styles, which are common around the globe: American and French Roulette. When it comes to card games, the following games are playable: the mighty popular Blackjack, the elite Baccarat and a lot of poker games. Casino Stud, Pai Gow, Red Dog and of course the most popular style: Hold’em Showdown. These games vary in their rules and it is a lot of fun to try out new styles. The slots are a type of game that cannot be absent in an online casino. As you can see the main difference is in the amount of reels, but each and every one of the slots is different. Those differences are seen in themes, bonus games, bonus symbols, progressive jackpots, etc. There are no two games alike. And of course the game of video poker is playable is the most popular forms: Jacks or Better, All American, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker.

Online casinos try to attract new players with a lot of different tactics. The most effective tactic is offering players a bonus for signing up. And the Bwin Casino is no different than any other online casinos. It offers the newly registered player a bonus as an award for playing for money. This bonus consists of a match bonus. This means that the sum of bonus money is calculated as a percentage from your first deposit. The Bwin Casino offers you a bonus of 50% over the first deposit that you make, with a limit of €200. Once you are a registered player and you start playing for money, you receive Market Points. These are bonus points that are awarded to Members of the Members Club. Once you have collected enough of these points you can exchange them for all kinds of extras from the web shop of the Bwin Casino. One of the things that you can buy is extra credit, with which you can spend some more time in the casino. This offers you a little extra chance at winning that progressive jackpot or turning the table at the poker room. So the Bwin Casino takes good care of its customers, as one would expect from a professional casino.

And when one sums it all up, the conclusion that must be drawn is that the Bwin Casino is an excellent casino to play your favorite casino game. It is an easy to play at casino that gives you a chance to win big prizes. If there however is a time when you have a question, then there is always the help desk to ease you’re your pains. If you contact them in one of the various ways that they can be reached, then you will have an answer within 24 hours. When you want to deposit money, use  Paysafe. We can recommend this card because of the safety of this method, the fact that you can play instantly when you have sent the payment order and because it is very easy to use. When you use Paysafe you cannot go wrong! The Bwin Casino has everything that you want as a player and playing here is a very nice experience. So go ahead and take a look at the website of this casino, and maybe you find yourself playing here in a couple of days! Not something that you would regret.