Spin Palace Casino

Some casinos are more all-round casinos, some are more specialized in one sort of game. The Spin Palace Casino is an online casino that is the latter. This casino is internationally known for its great number of slots. This is what the Spin Palace Casino is all about. The casino has a lot of experience and has been around for years now. The fact that it does focus on slots does not mean that there is nothing else to do: later on we will show that the casino offer a great deal of other games as well. But the casino even organizes slot tournaments, which shows how much importance the game has. Other than that, the Spin Palace Casino is an online casino that has a lot of prize money to divide amongst its players. About €4.500.000 can be won in total when the progressive jackpots are added up. The casino has won different prizes such as the Best New Online Casino, the Best Casino Service  and is recommended by a lot of websites. They all recognize the quality that the Spin Palace Casino provides time again and again. If you want to play in an online casino where you know you will be treated well, this casino is the one for you.

As said the main game that this casino offers are the slots. There are more than a hundred slots that you can play at the casino. Skill is not a very big component in this type of game, but that does not seem to be holding back players. The progressive jackpots are enormous, which is a sign that a lot of players play on the slots. The different progressive jackpots are filled by the casino with small parts of the bets that the casino has won from players. Considering that hundreds of players potentially are playing the same game at the same time, it is clear why these jackpots rise at a speedy rate. But there is more to the Spin Palace Casino. Besides slots players can play on a vast amount of table games, such as Baccarat and Blackjack. Roulette is another table game that cannot be absent in this casino. All these games can be played in different styles, so that the player can play the game exactly as he want to play it. Video poker can be played in the Spin Palace Casino as well: Deuces Wild, All American or Jacks or Better: all these styles of video poker are playable. So do not make the mistake of thinking that the Spin Palace Casino is just a one trick pony: there is more to it than meets the eye.

The Spin Palace Casino wants to keep attracting people to their floors, what is exactly what all the other online casinos are trying to do as well. This casino is doing this with an entire package of bonus features, which you receive when you are a new registered player. In total you receive a sum of €1000 of bonus money that you can spend in this casino on your favorite game. This is divided into five different bonuses. The first part consists of a match bonus of 100%, which you receive over the first amount of money that you deposit on your casino account. This bonus has a limit of €150. The second bonus is also a match bonus, this time the percentage is 25%. The maximum amount on this bonus is €125. The third bonus is yet again a match bonus of 50%, which can lead up to €100. The fourth part of the package consists of 100 free spins on the Tomb Raider slot machine of the casino, which you receive for 52 weeks in a row. So each week you get a 100 free spins. The fifth and last part of the package consists of a birthday match bonus. You receive a bonus of 100% over your birthday deposit, which can lead up to €105. All together this sums up to a bonus of €1000. Once you start playing for real money you earn Club Points, which are bonus point. Collect enough of them and you can get nice extras for these points.

The Spin Palace Casino is an online casino that treats its players very well. They recognize the importance of keeping the players happy and do their best to accomplish this. If you have any questions at all you can reach the help desk to get answers. And this is where the award for Best Service was earned. Where some online casinos are reachable through email and telephone, the Spin Palace Casino has employees ready to chat with you. So you get a real life solution for a problem, and you are on your way. No more waiting. But if you do choose to use one of the other methods then you do have an answer to all you problems within 24 hours. If you want to deposit money on your casino account then you can use Paysafe. This prepaid card allows you to transfer credit directly to you casino account and you can start playing. It is fast, it is easy to use and it is very safe. There is no way that you do not like Paysafe. So when you like playing on the slots, but want to play another game from time to time, the Spin Palace Casino is the online casino for you. Claim that bonus money and start winning those progressive jackpots!